Tuesday, 8 January 2013


January 3rd was a very nice day here in Kent so we decided to take a trip along the coast to Whitstable.  When I was young, Whitstable used to be a place where you might stop for an ice cream along with a bit of sea food for the old folks but in the recent past it has had something of a renaissance.

So, we stopped off at Pumpkin Patch on the way to buy the children some brightly coloured trousers and body warmers, along with some Lelli Kelly wellies so we wouldn't feel out of place, renamed them Tarquin and India for the day and off we went.  Shunning the Costa Coffee, Zizzi and Prezzo (Whitstable must have arrived), we found a nice chippy (to be traditional, and then felt ill for a few days with all of the fat) and had a stroll along the beach.  Very pleasant ambling along with partner-for-the-day Tara-rara, whilst Tarquin and India threw stones into the sea.  Whitstable seems to have a few new buildings along the sea front but they have been kept in the style of some of the fishermans' cottages that you can rent for as little as £700 a week.  Marvellous, on the beach, 50m from the sea, people walking right past your bedroom window...

Here are some of the beach front buildings (just in case you're interested).

Whitstable is a very nice little seaside town, so if you want fresh seafood and somewhere away from the usual amusement infested towns on the Kent coast, pay it a visit.

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