Friday, 11 February 2011


Most of the others are in Lille at the moment and reading Alick's blog, it looks like hard work and long days.  This was supposed to be a time for those of us who didn't go to press on and get ahead so we will be ready to do our extra 1:50 when it comes along.
I've hit a brick wall.
I feel like I'm doing a nightshift.  I started at 7pm (ie. October) looking forward to what was to come, got tired around midnight (Christmas) and needed a lunch break.  Unfortunately on this course you don't get the proverbial lunch break, you work straight through Christmas and so here I am at 2 am (February) and I'm flagging.  Any thoughts of design have gone and I've spent the last couple of days just staring into space hoping that I will be able to get going again.
I've come close to thinking whether I need the hassle of all this and whether I should just bin it.  But I guess I've invested too much time, money and effort into it so I might as well carry on.  I feel as though I'm on an upswing today so I just need to hope that the dark days don't come back for a while because if they do, and its near a deadline day, I could be in trouble... 

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Document Hand-in

After a tough week of selecting the best bits from our group document and rewriting them for our own ones, we finally handed them in.  Thanks to Errol at Mediatec in Hadlow for making them look good at least, the content may not be that great but they look professional!  
Who knows if its any good but here are a selection of some of the pages from my one.  You can see where some of the inspiration comes from for the elements I want to put in the plan, and also how hopefully some of the planting might look.  Ah yes, plants, I remember them...  
We now only have 4 subjects left to do out of the 24 when we started two and a half years ago.  It feels as though we're in the Grand National and we've just jumped the last hurdle before we turn into the home straight and gallop through the last couple of jumps.  I know the next 4 or 5 months will seem like a lifetime at times, but soon it will all be gone and we'll be out there looking for work.  Anyone want a garden designed?