Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Planting at the Olympic Park

 I thought you might like to see some of the planting styles at the Olympic Park.  It has a definite wild meadow look about it with different areas showing or representing different areas of the world.  Some areas were looking better than others but all in all it looked very good and very colourful, I just hope it gets the chance to reseed itself and thrive from here.

Some gabions and EPDM for you Landscape Architects, ooh!

However, there were a couple of large screens cleverly located in the river with banks either side so people could view them easily.  We were there in the first week before the atheletics stadium had opened and people were already trampling the planting and sitting in the bioswales!  "Mum, my bum feels a bit wet!"  Still, as long as we can all herd together and watch tv.

The Olympics

Well, the Olympics, did it happen?  Was it real?  Two weeks of national glory and then it's gone.  We went to see a couple of hockey matches along with all of the Aussies, Dutch and Belgians.  May I say that the Dutch band is way better than the British band, a bit of Volare by an oompah band, lovely.

It was a bit strange to see such cheerfulness in East London (well any part of London), people being jolly, supporting GB and no snarling.  And even though there was the largest burger restaurant (!) in the world from a company whose name shall not be mentioned here, no litter!  Plenty of Wombles about doing their stuff.

 It's the fashion in East London these days, me and Dizzee, soulmates.

So, it was very good, well done to all.  I thought it was ironic that the Who played Teenage Wasteland at the closing ceremony, the future perchance?