Monday, 22 August 2011


Home of the Plane tree.  Every square in Bath seems to have one and some are even beginning to outgrow their squares and are threatening to start to come into contact with the buildings.

We were in Bath for a look around and a visit to the Roman Baths, it is well worth a visit if only for the architecture.  The city was home to Beau Nash, an 18th century dandy and "King of Bath".  I thought that the name sounded familiar and when I returned here looked through our Calverley Grounds document that we put together in the 3rd year at University to find that Nash had been in Tunbridge Wells when it became popular (well done Miss Ford for that).  We also had a meal in a rather nice restaurant called Strada which was the home of Nash and was where he died.  Strange to be eating Italian in a room where Beau Nash would have wandered around in his dressing gown and slippers!

 A well kept garden at the corner of St. John's Hospital on the corner of Helting Court (I think) with the largest Ginkgo biloba I have seen.  Normally they're scrawny little things in supermarket car parks but this was quite impressive, as far Ginkgo bilobas are concerned that is.  

Bath Abbey with some bedding plants, although it was good to see Cannas being used to take advantage of the mild climate.

Sunday, 21 August 2011


...the Royal Mile and the Fringe...

 ...and some bloke playing the bagpipes on cloven hoofed stilts...
...because he can.

Mirazozo at the Edinburgh Festival

We were in Edinburgh last week whilst the festival was on and we had seen a preview of Mirazozo on the local news, so we decided to pay it a visit.  From the entrance it just appears to be a huge inflatable, a bouncy castle perhaps but you actually enter into the part where the air is.  Very surreal, like being on a multicoloured space station with moveable sides.

 The following few pictures are of the roof panels in each area, the only light visible is from a cloudy Edinburgh day.

 Tunnels connect each are with smaller areas in which to sit and relax and listen to the music being piped around.

Life in a blood vessel.