Sunday, 24 October 2010

Rendered Sketch

I took one of my two minute sketches into Photoshop and spent some time cutting out the lines with the magnetic lasso and imported some pictures of tarmac, trees and brick walls and stylized them using glowing edges,distortion and other styles from the Filter Gallery.  This is the result which I'm pleased with but it takes so long to do, I've decided that Photoshop and I exist in parallel universes!

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Sequential Sketches

Although I missed the workshop on sequential sketching I went to the offices of Willmott Ford, Garden Designers of Distinction, and had a tutorial there.  My thanks go to Miss Willmott and Miss Ford for their patience, and this is the result.  Now, apparently I have to add some colour to my favourite one.  Now, where's me crayons...

Shetland Photoshop

My final Photshop attempt that went up on the wall.  I missed the lesson because of a crisis so unfortunately I missed all the feedback everyone else had but have had updates from the others in GD3.  I'm quite pleased with the results as Photoshop doesnot come easily to me, maybe there should be more focus on the relevant points during the first 2 years.  Anyway, the scenery is from the Shetland Isles when I was there in the summer, its stunning you should all go, its like nowhere you will have been before.  James Wong and Rachel de Thame are close personal friends (at least they were for the 2 minutes it took to do the photos) who we met when we built a small show garden for Hampton Court this year.  Did I mention we got a gold and Best Small Garden...

My A1 on Greenwich Park

For Historic Garden Conservation we have to produce an A1 poster on a different subject about Greenwich Park.  My subject is about The Grand Plan 1603-1705 dealing with the history of the park during the 17th century and what was done to it by who.  Its quite a big subject with a lot to be told,  I have kept it as brief as possible and hopefully got all the important points in.

Isn't that Lord Burlington?

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Greenwich Park Model

 Its almost identical.

Chiswick House

 Thanks to Fiona and Jacqui for our private viewing around Chiswick House on a day when it was closed to the public.
 The new cafe only 100m away from the main house works because its completely different, if they had tried to recreate what is already there it could have been a disaster. A large cappuccino please...

 Incredible amount of water from a small waterfall and new Italian cypresses.
Another day out, I thought they said third year was hard.

Greenwich Park

Here are some photos of our daytrip to Greenwich Park.

Photoshop creations

Here's the final attempt at my photoshop montages which I felt quite happy with until I tried to print them off and the printer decided to leave lines all across them!

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Photoshop #1

Here's my first attempt at a Photoshop montage, is this what we're supposed to be doing?  Any hints or tips from GD3 or LA3 might be helpful...


Photoshop - its just a joy to work with, I'm having so much fun...and its so fast!

What now?

Its done.  What happens now then?