Thursday, 8 November 2012

Turner Contemporary Margate

As last week was half term we decided to go to the Turner Contemporary Gallery in Margate where there was an exhibition of Alex Katz's work.  Its full of very bright colours and is elegant in its simplicity, quite child-like in a way and makes you think "I could do that", but...

You're not allowed to take photos so here are some images from the Turner Contemporary Gallery's website.  Its worth a visit if you are down that way although I expected it to be a bit bigger, only three exhibition spaces upstairs and one of those was with works from recent art students.  After the Turner Gallery you should venture into Margate itself, the amusement arcades, a trip to Morrison's.  Remember Brian Glover in An American Werewolf in London: "Stay on the road, keep clear of the moors..."

The Turner Contemporary Galley on Margate seafront looking like a fish packing house from this angle.

On the land that once housed Benbom Bros. and then Dreamland Amusement park Tesco want to build a superstore!  On the seafront.  Read more at 

Now whilst Margate may not be the most attractive of seafronts in a couple of areas and the 1960s style Arlington House could do with pulling down, do we really need our Victorian style beaches blighted by a Tesco when there is already a Morrison's 200 yards away and another Tesco Extra 2.6 miles away?